What Dreams May Come
Where Imagination Runs Free!
“Life is such a gift we are given.  All our days our imagination and creativity grows with us.  Just opening our minds we are truly blessed to see ... what dreams may come next!”      
From an early age Maryann Nolan has had her fingers in the crayon box feeding her obsession with drawing and doodling and still does! Painting, writing, crafting, cooking also add irons to stoke the fires of her creativity.

Born, raised and residing in Massachusetts with her husband, she has for over 40 years continued on a journey of expressing imagination through her art. 

Maryann's inspirations spring from many sources in life.  Through her eyes she conjures everyday things into a Continuing to learn she is compelled to constantly experiment with new ways of sharing and expressing the awe she experiences in the world

Having been a finalist in several small art contests she continues to grow and take on new challenges of different levels.
While Maryann shares her passion, we the spectators see her creations come to life put forth onto paper, canvas, graphic illustration and designs in a whimsical way.